T2Pan is here for almost a year.

Eleven months ago I set up T2Pan, a microbakery, in our little house in Gasparito turning out fresh bread once a week. At it’s height I was knocking out up to 60 loaves a day to individual and customers. It was mad, knackering and very rewarding. A home microbakery is a great way to test out my ideas because I could start very small scale with my domestic equipment.

In April when the Covid -19 Pandemic kicked in, I scaled up to 90 loaves. So I made the decision to expand and invest in industrial equipment. It’s a lot easier this way but the numbers keep creeping up – people keep “discovering” T2Pan. Saturday, a post on Instagram directed a couple of young guys in search of decent bread up to me.

It’s hard to believe that T2Pan has only been in existence for almost a year.

The support we have received from friends, family and our customer on this journey has been absolutely incredible. Most notably, of course, during the POP-Up Bread sales. But also in a hundred other smaller ways. We get wonderful feedback from people who have enjoyed our bread. Thank you!

The new week menu is online.

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